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Thomasville Police
Thomasville Police

Thomasville Police Department

921 Smith Avenue
Thomasville, GA  31792
(229) 227-3249
Crime Stoppers
(229) 227-3305

The Thomasville Police Department is Commited to

Vigilance - Truthfulness - Tolerance

Thomasville Police Department's mission is to improve and maintain the quality of life within our community by working together to achieve a common goal, "A safe and secure city."

Thomasville Police Department is a CALEA certified organization.

Policing the "RIGHT" Way

Central to our mission are val­ues that guide us in making the “RIGHT” decisions and help us contribute to the quality of life in Thomasville. In striv­ing to make the “RIGHT” decision we value:

Respect - All persons have the RIGHT to be treated in a fair, dignified, courteous and equitable manner. We take an active role in understanding and working within the great diversity of our commu­nity. Further, we identify special needs as related to cultural, ethnic and socioeconomic diversity and respond in an appropriate manner.

Integrity - Common trust marks the basis of integrity. We hold ourselves to the highest of moral and ethical standards.

Goals - We are a goal oriented organization, with clearly defined objectives. This clarity enables us to maintain a constant evolution of service within our community. The ability to set goals gives us a com­mon objective to strive for within our community, Allowing for a uni­fied, organizational focus and a dynamic level of service. We con­tinuously evaluate and adjust our goals based on the current needs of the community.

Honesty - To live a “Justinian” or just life means to live honor­ably, with credibility and virtuosity. These qualities form the foundation of our philosophy of “Community Oriented Policing” which is also how we evaluate our ability to pro­tect and serve to our community.

Teamwork - The central ele­ment to a well functioning organiza­tion is teamwork. We fully embrace the building of partnerships within the community and internally among our members. By working together as a team, the quality of life in Thomasville can be improved and maintained.