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Thomasville Utilities
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The City of Thomasville Utilities Department is committed to providing superior service at competitive rates to both residential and commercial customers. Our personnel are also available to answer questions and assist with proper utilities placement. For detailed information related to specific services or rates, please click on one of the links below.

The Following Services are available from Thomasville Utilities and CNS:


One Bill Covers All Services

We offer convenient billing that consolidates all of your utilities services into on one monthly bill. For more information, please contact Customer Service, at (229) 227-7001.


White Line Ordinance

The White Line Ordinance was established in 2002 because of numerous damages due to unmarked or improperly marked utilities. Since the formal adoption of this ordinance, damages have decreased, there is less confusion in locating areas that need to be marked and Locating staff have received statewide recognition for their hardwork.

To view the City of Thomasville’s White Line Ordinance, see Section 13-153 of the City Ordinances.

Thomas County’s White Line Ordinance information is listed below. For additional information, please review the ordinances for Thomas County.

Section 94-32. Protection of utilities.

In addition to the requirements of Chapter 94, each person responsible for any excavation or demolition operation shall:

(1) Plan the excavation or demolition to avoid damage to or minimize interference with underground utilities in and near the construction area;

(2) Taking into account the known limit of control of any cutting edge or point on mechanized equipment to be used in the excavation or demolition, maintain sufficient clearance between any underground utility and the cutting edge or point of the mechanized equipment as may be reasonably necessary for the protection of the utility;

(3) Provide such support for underground utilities in and near the construction area, including during backfill operations, as may be reasonably necessary for the protection of such utilities; and

(4) Prior to construction of underground facilities, mark the proposed location with white flags and white paint. The proposed location shall be marked before all other existing underground utilities have been marked in the work area covered by the proposed construction.

(Res. of 11-9-04(2))

Sections 94-33–94-50. Reserved.

For additional information, contact a Thomasville Utilities Locator at (229) 227-3241 or (229) 224-1818. Locators are also available for “White Line” presentations.